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Let Us Pay Your Bills®

  • Convenience
  • Simplify Budgeting
  • Pay Off Loans Faster

Benefits of SMART Payment Plan®



Smaller automated payments are fast, easy, and eliminate the need to write and mail checks.


Match smaller payments to paydays®

Simplify your budgeting and improve cashflow.


Pay off loans sooner – reduce debt faster

Home mortgages up to 7 years faster. Auto loans up to 8 months faster.


Reduce interest charges

Paying off your loans early reduces interest charges* and eliminates the risk of late fees.


Build equity faster

Own your car or home sooner, and own more when you sell or trade.


Safe and secure payments

Electronic payments are much safer than writing a check.


Good for the environment

Less paper saves trees, and less mail reduces carbon emissions.

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*Interest reduction does not include plan fees. In some instances, fees may exceed interest reduction.

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What our clients are saying…

The Smart Payment Plan has been an outstanding asset to me. I've been able to pay-off over $20,000 in car payments without any stress or emotional pressure. My payments were automatically made for me without the worry of remembering dates or having late fees. For anyone who feels overwhelmed with debt, I strongly urge them to avail themselves of this company. One's stress & concern about debt will be alleviated.
Janice I.
I've been using them since November 2011 when we bought our Accord. Now, I have them pay my car, home, cable bill and credit card. Makes my life so easy and now I have less things to worrry about. Love, Love, Love it.
Brian L.
SMART Payment Plan has made a huge impact on my personal and business life. SMART has made my life simple and I have zero stress about traveling or getting busy with family, work, etc. I never worry about any of my bill being due or being late - it's so easy and convenient!
Virginia B.
I've been with them for years!!! They are awesome!!!
Brian M.
I am always so busy that paying my bills is the last thing I want to think about. My dealer offered me SMART Payment Plan when I bought my car. They help me make my payments on time and I'm paying my loan off sooner. Thank you!
Gabby C.
I use them for my house, car and school loan payments. It's so much easier to have smaller payments that match my paydays. Over four years and have never had a problem. I love it.
Jay B.
I love SMART Payment Plan. I travel a lot and they take the stress out of paying my bills! Thank you SMART Payment Plan!
Arturo R.
The Smart Payment Plan helps me pay my bills on time without having to worry of late or missed payments. It's simple and easy to use. The best part of it helps payoff bills early.
Samantha B.
They should call this the EASY plan because it makes my life a lot easier. Paying my bills and making it between paydays is so much easier with smaller bill payments that happen automatically when I get paid.
Chandra R.
I recommend Smart Pay to all my friends. Thanks to them we saved money by paying car off early. It really helps you manage money wisely.
Steven G.
Great way to break down the monthly bills. IT helped me set a budget me and my wife could afford.
Joshua D.
This is a great service and it really helps me manage my budget. I have not been late on a payment since I signed up.
Phillip T.
We love SMART Payment Plan. So easy and hassle-free. We are using it for our mortgage too.
Jo Ann G.
This is the first time I have used your service , it works great for my budget. Thanks Smart Payment plan. Keep up the good work.

What the experts are saying…

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How SMART Payment Plan® works

Let us Pay Your Bills®