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SMART Payment Plan®

We started in 2003 and offer the most reliable, hassle-free and flexible bill payment service in the country. We are innovative, customer-centered and focused on making things simple and easy.

We bring you the best customer service, the simplest and most advanced processing systems and the best people. We are reliable, professional, smart and dedicated to helping you.

We are committed to providing amazing customer service; keeping things simple; making things easy; developing repeat clients; offering hassle-free service; and serving more Americans.

Please call us at 888.88.SMART to learn more.

Leadership of SMART Payment Plan®

David Engleman

David Engelman Chief Executive Officer

David is a service focused and driven leader with an unrivaled commitment to client and customer satisfaction. In 2003, David founded SMART Payment Plan and continues to provide daily leadership in all aspects of the company. He is passionate about providing the most reliable and customer-friendly payment service in America. Previously, David graduated with honors from St. Louis University School of Law and founded American Legal Funds, a finance company serving attorneys and their clients. In addition to being a client and customer service fanatic, David enjoys golf, sports, technology, reading, travel and raising his son.

Cary Berman

Cary Berman Chief Finance Officer

Cary has held senior management and consulting positions with Fortune 100 companies. He previously served as the CFO for VirtualSellers, a financial services and processing company serving the telecommunications, eCommerce, and cable industries. Cary also served as a Senior Financial Consultant for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Cary served as the CFO of American Legal Funds, a financial services company in the legal industry. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois, with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Indiana University, with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in finance and strategy. Cary enjoys sports and spending time with his wife and two children.

Jackson Bigham

Jackson Bigham Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel

Jackson is a dynamic legal strategist with a broad array of consumer protection experience. Prior to joining SMART Payment Plan, he spent ten years in private practice litigating high-stakes complex matters involving consumer fraud, deceptive trade practices and antitrust. He received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Minnesota and Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. In his spare time, Jackson enjoys traveling, golf, tennis and cycling.

Rod Tobiason

Rod Tobiason Chief Sales Officer

Rod has a history of business development success. Rod was the top producer for Vital Link, a technology company. He then raised capital for American Legal Funds, a financial services firm. Since co-founding SMART Payment Plan in 2003, Rod has recruited and trained over 12,000 dealers, agents, sales managers, and finance managers. In addition to his passion for serving clients and building profitable, long-term relationships, Rod is the proud father of three children and enjoys boating.

Joel Kleppinger

Joel Kleppinger Chief Technology Officer

Joel Kleppinger is a computer professional with 15 years experience in IT and has been with SMART Payment Plan since 2008. He was an author and technical editor of articles on IT and PC topics for,, and He has co-written an end-to-end ecommerce, billing, and order fulfillment website for and consulted on web initiatives for the Archdiocese of St. Louis and Joel graduated with top honors in Computer Science from Evangel University. When he decides to ignore his email, Joel enjoys backpacking with his wife in the mountain wilderness, cycling, and playing basketball.

Katie Dedini

Katie Dedini VP – Customer Support

Katie has over 20 years of customer service and sales experience. She has been with SMART Payment Plan since 2009. Katie is responsible for providing exceptional customer, dealer and agent support through our call center operations. In 2013 and 2014, Katie's efforts contributed to SMART receiving the Diamond Award for outstanding customer service and support. Outside of work, Katie is the proud mother of two daughters and a son.

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